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Vehicle Tracking System

GPS Tracking Features

*Live Tracking
*Spy listening in the car
*Ignition On/Off Detection
*Real-time monitoring via Internet and Mobile SMS
*Immobilizing of the engine
*Upgradation of firmware via GPRS over the AIR
*Drivers performance analysis
*Depo Reports
*Route deviation analysis
*Over-speed reporting
*Custom Geo-fencing creation *SOS.

GPS Tracking Benefits

*Avoidance of misuse of vehicles
*Reduced operational cost
*Theft protection of vehicle
*Calculation of expected time of arrival and departure of vehicle
*Tracking of number of trips made in particular time.
*Monitor of over speeding to make up time, resulting in accidents.
*Reduce unnecessary fuel consumption due to engine idling.
*Monitoring of under- utilization of vehicle.
*Global positions.
*Vehicle rental/ fleet management etc
*Provide peace of mind for businessmen.
*Mange personal.
*Infrastructure & construction companies..


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Whether your fleet is large or small, private or for-hire, Track Ghana has the knowledge, applications, hardware and services to meet your company's fleet management needs. We are the industry leader in commercial fleet management. We understand the many challenges facing fleets today, from operating efficiently to meeting government safety regulations and retaining good drivers.
Track Ghana offers fleet management solutions and information services designed to meet the needs of fleets of all sizes, with a variety of operational challenges.

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